The Plot Bunnies

Muse Bunny

At the moment I am working on a couple of different novel projects, so here are some blurbs. The titles aren’t set in stone and everything is subject to change depending on where the muse hops to next.

Softly Sinister

In a dimension much like ours, there are a pair of suns the color of robin’s eggs locked together in an eternal binary dance. It is here that the gas giant Moravia slowly circles within the habitable zone, pulling with it a multitude of captured asteroids, comets, and six large blue-green moons. But it’s the second largest moon, Ziemia, that we’re interested in. For, after billions of years of evolution, some of the residents have learned to manipulate matter.

They call it magick.

The Wretched Selwyns

Somewhere in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State, there is a place hidden from the rest of the world called Miłogost, a town of magick.

Dahlia Selwyn has been told all her life that magick is something beyond her reach, so when she realizes that she has the power—she decides to use it to change society forever.

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