Sarah Janus


About me

I’m a 2015 graduate from the University of Washington, with a Bachelor Degree in English with a Creative Writing Emphasis. I’m a huge nerd, enjoy binge-watching television, and suffer from extreme wanderlust. My real name is Sarah Gronostalski, but since no one can pronounce my last name I’ll be publishing under Sarah Janus.

All the photos and writing on the website is created by yours truly. Please do not copy without permission.

What I’m Up To

I want to write, simple as that. But, I’m also set on living free while I do so whether you’re here for the prose or the adventure I hope you enjoy your time perusing my pages. I engage in a variety of genres including original fiction, personal travel experiences, and fanfiction.


Born from impressions of life, and feelings in my heart, I do enjoy the occasional poem

Short Fiction

Scenes without a home or descriptions that strike my fancy, these are shorter pieces for your perusal


I got more than one in my head, want to watch me create them in real time?


I’ve always got a special place in my heart for the genre, get ready for self-indulgence

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