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Have a prompt or an idea you wish to see drafted by yours truly? You found the place.

I’ll craft a poem from a picture, a word, or phrase. I’ll take an analysis request, opinion piece, a personal anecdote, flash fiction, and short plot prompts. Price will be based on complexity, length, and time. You can try to request anything, but I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason.

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In regards to explicit works

These will always be pricier than my usual work, and there is a variety of what I will and will not be willing to write. If there is actually a demand for this, I may create a special Patreon Reward in order to allow better access to these, but for now simply inquire within

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We will iron out the details of what you want and the price. Once confirmed, you will receive a read-only link to a document via Google-Drive. You can watch me write your piece live, or wait until I finalize it and send you the final copy. You’ll have exclusive access to it for seven days, following which I will share the piece on my website. If the story must remain private, inquire within.

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