About Me

Hello! I’m Sarah

Writer & Bohemian Nomad


Right Now

I write fantastical fiction and love to read and consume fantasy, science fiction, and horror. I’m a bohemian nomad, optimistic nihilist, and adventurous foodie.

I’m currently working on book three, The Depths of Hell, of my Only A Boy series, a re-write of Harry Potter where Merlin—yes that Merlin—takes the place of the title character. I also write short stories, poetry, and essays, responding to the world and trying to make sense of things.

In the past, I went by the name Riddell Lee for my fanfiction endeavors.


Behind the Scenes

Have you ever left society, before? I don’t mean run away to a cabin in the woods for a few days or some beach vacation but actually leave? Quit your job, and sell everything you own, get in your car, and drive until everything looks forgotten to the sands of time.

Because, that’s what I did and, well, it’s different.

It wasn’t an easy decision. I had a lot going for me. I was living up in Seattle (I’ve been in Washington most of my life). I had a decent paying job and wasn’t always stretched for cash. I had a lot of friends I cared about and was even slowly breaking back into the dating scene. By all accounts, I was the most independent and stable that I’d ever been in my life.

And yet, I was miserable. It’s not an original story—there are a lot of millennials out there like me. My job might pay me a living wage, but it’s stressful, frustrating, and absolutely not the field I majored in—English, of course. Having a lot of friends is fantastic, but it’s impossible to see each other because of conflicting schedules, and we’re all quietly hoping for the apocalypse. As I said, it’s not an original story. I wanted more time to write and be myself, I wanted more money to do the things I wanted, I needed more flexibility with how I lived my life. And, the rest of my family was already living that nomadic life.

In 2017 my parents sold their business, the family house of fifteen years, and have since been living in a Bluebird Bus that they converted themselves. Both my brothers also have their own rides, a Dolphin RV and a VW Vanagon

At first, I didn’t think that type of life was for me. I liked stability, I loved books and wanted a library, I wanted a salt-water aquarium, I wanted a vegetable garden—and none of those were compatible with a life on the road.

And yet, here I am. I’ll admit part of seeing how they lived on the road made the idea enticing. But they still had their problems to deal with—new and old ones. I’d have to give up a lot of the conveniences society provided. No fast Internet is a deal-breaker for most folks.

But before I knew it, I had decided to join them. I needed a drastic change. I was doing everything right and I wasn’t satisfied. I think I just got so disillusioned with capitalism, that I had enough.

In October 2018, I quit my job, sold everything that wouldn’t fit into my VW Golf and by November, had met up with my parents in the Southern California desert. It’s a place where it looks like something out of Mad Max. Welcome to your post-apocalyptic dystopia!